Time Between Time 2018

In Conversation with Sadelle Wiltshire

I am so thrilled to present this conversation I had with Sadelle Wiltshire. I listened intently as she spoke about the fascinating topic of walking the Labyrinth. She explains different ways to engage with the Labyrinth small or large and how we can find inner peace and strength in times of transition as we move in and out of this path of contemplation.

My personal takeaways from this session:

“There is no one way to engage with a labyrinth. Make it your own!”

“The 4 R’s –
Remember, Release, Receive (Rest in the center) & Return”

What is your takeaway from this conversation?
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About Sadelle Wiltshire

Sadelle Wiltshire is a teacher, artist, retreat facilitator, with a special interest in helping others find inner peace using artistic and creative mindfulness practices that foster quiet, reflection and spiritual connection. She has led secular programs around the US, for faith communities in the US and UK, and regularly hosts contemplative art programs online. She also hosts occasional YouTube podcasts about Art & Spirit.

Sadelle is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator trained by Lauren Artress, and is a new board member for The Labyrinth Society (TLS). She presented at the TLS Gathering in 2015, for their 2020 World Labyrinth Day virtual program, and this year’s virtual Gathering.
Sadelle has personally seen the healing power of using labyrinths as a tool for prayer, mindfulness, creative reflection, inspiration, mental health and self-care, and regularly shares this resource with others in her community. She loves creating videos about the joys of walking labyrinths.

Sadelle is a Quaker, a nature and animal lover, a lover of fiddle and traditional music, and a bit of a language geek (currently learning Irish). She loves travel and cultural explorations and is constantly creating something with her hands and lives in beautiful Putney, Vermont with her wife Ann and their two cats.

Links to connect with Sadelle

Website: www.sadellewiltshire.com

Social media links:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sadiavt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SadelleWiltshireArt
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sadiavt