Time Between Time 2018

In conversation with M. Ruth McCants, PhD

Ruth and I engage in a lively discussion about all things astrology and a bit of numerology too. The lessons the stars are presenting us with currently and how we can use this internally to navigate this time of transition and personal growth. All with the guidance of the stars of course and our willingness to be present with what is.

My personal takeaways from this session:

Jupiter in Capricorn – “Do you have a good enough base structure for taking off and doing things the way you want to do them?”

“Shifts need to happen within so that we can take this wisdom to create change in the world.”

What is your takeaway from this conversation? And what are you graduating from?
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About M. Ruth McCants, PhD

M. Ruth McCants, PhD, is an intuitive astrologer/writer, musician, life insight guide, and drum circle facilitator. She uses her empathic ability to hold space, that helps women get to the core essence of their inner wise stories. In particular, she is adept at decoding and translating the language of the inner landscape, and insight systems of astrology, tarot, oracle and numerology which serve as wonderful tools for understanding the soul’s journey.
Along with the fascination of the spiritual, intuitive and psychic connections, she discovered from earliest years that she was and is intrigued with music, rhythms and sound. Playing, creating, encouraging, teaching and empowering other people to tap their innate potential to be music and sound makers, is an ongoing source of delight, joy and fun. For more than 30 years, whether showing up to decode astrology map charts, or play rhythms, Ruth understands that it’s all about embracing one’s Soul Journey.

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