In Conversation with Dr. Vanessa Sage

Today I am so honoured to present the interview with Dr. Vanessa Sage. We had a lively conversation around the topic of working with the Goddess; what that means and how we can establish a devotional practice in our daily life. Listen in and find out more…

My personal takeaways from this session:

“Listen deeply and act on what you hear”

“Developing a relationship and trusting yourself.”

“If the Goddess is you and you are showing up for the Goddess, you are showing up for yourself.”

What is your takeaway from this conversation?
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About Dr. Vanessa Sage

Vanessa Sage

Dr. Vanessa Sage is a cultural anthropologist, Priestess and poet who supports women to step into their light and share their wisdom with courage and strength. Her work focuses on mindful compassionate leadership as she guides a global reemergence, reimagining, and cultural shift in Divine Feminine consciousness. She has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University, and over the course of her 10-year academic career, she studied: western Buddhism, goddess pilgrimage, and pagan spiritualities as an anthropologist of religion.

She follows an earth path and honours the ancient lineage of serving the Goddess as part of a reclamation of the sacred in all forms. With over 25 years of experience on multiple alternative spiritual paths, she’s emerged as a modern transmitter who serves hundreds of people from around the world in transformational multi-level programs and high-level mentoring. Vanessa is especially interested in exploring European, Indo-European and Ancient Mediterranean cultural lineages as they pertain to Goddess worship, the Divine Feminine, Priestessing, Gnostic Christianity, Western Esotericism, Paganism, Mysticism and Animism.

She offers Sage Priestess Certification®️, Behind the Magic: Sacred Business Mentorship, and Sage Intuitive Tarot School to help you enchant your everyday, bring your imagination to life, and listen to the wild edges of your soul!

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