Time Between Time 2018

In conversation with Bindi Shah

I am so happy to present the lovely Bindi Shah as we chat about practices like meditation, journaling and using oracle cards to nourishing our souls and connect with what really matters to us. As well as simple affirmations as an anchor to support our day to day life.

My personal takeaways from this session:

“Meditation is the practice from within.”
the simple words “I am OK” can shift energies.
“Keep it simple”

What is your takeaway from this conversation?
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About Bindi Shah

I first came into the health & well-being world after working in the corporate sector for a number of years – first in London and then in Frankfurt. Following on from a visit to an Ayurveda retreat in 2001 and redundancy a few months after that, I decided to travel to India to study Ayurveda – it was an intensive course which included yoga, meditation, astrology, herbs, Sanskrit – as well as Ayurveda theory and remedies.
After I returned to England, I set up an Ayurveda company and helped people with Ayurveda remedies, yoga and meditation.
In 2008, I moved to Saltdean with my husband to live by the sea, and at the same time completed my Life Coaching Diploma to marry the Eastern philosophy of Ayurveda with goals and accountability.

After teaching in-person classes, weekend retreats and the beautiful Soul Healing meditation for seven years, I took my offerings and classes online in 2016. It was an active move to allow more creativity and healing into my life – this has mostly been in the form of writing – I write poetry under the name of Grace Sumeria – but I also love photography and I have created an oracle card deck recently.

My offerings are now always soul-based and include a lot of the Soul Healing meditation. I, myself, have found deep healing in the past few years by connecting deeper on a soul level. It is this deep healing which I always try to bring to my students and clients.

I started doing a lot more youtube meditations during the lockdown time, to help people with their emotional self. I am now in the process of starting a monthly meditation membership, which will include live online meditation sessions and a nurturing community.

Links to connect with Bindi

Website: www.bindishah.com
Oracle Deck: http://www.bindishah.com/oraclecards/

Social media links:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/letterstomysoul/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulwisdom/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bindishah
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQoGxoxk4Q3eo68IyFe4G1w