Time Between Time 2018

December Prompts

This year I thought I would offer you a daily prompt list for the month of December to have fun with as you wish. My intention for this list is to bring us into the spirit of the season and also a little light into the darker days around this time of the year here in the Northern Hemispher. Enjoy!

How to engage with the prompts:

  • Pull cards: If you enjoy pulling cards (Oracle and/or Tarot) concentrate on the word for that day as you shuffle the cards and pull a card. Relate the meaning of the card you pulled to the word of that day.
  • Formulate your own questions: using the word and then pull a card.
    e.g. Presence – “How can I be more present for my daily practice?”
  • Journal: Simply take the word to your journal and see what words want to come out onto the page.
  • Make art: collage, simple marks or bursts of colour – Go with the flow and where inspiration takes you.

Download a printable PDF [LINK]

Most importantly

Have Fun and do what feels right!

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