Using Cards during the 12 Magical Nights

Please use what you have!
There is absolutely no need to buy a deck! Unless you really want to 😉

If you don’t usually use Tarot decks but like to use Oracle cards then that great too. What we are looking for here is guidance, it is not important as to where that comes from. As I mention in the video our dreams during these twelve nights can be of importance too.

If you are using cards, please feel free to use the guide books to spark inspiration but I would also like to encourage you to look at the images of the cards and see how they make you feel and what they might mean to you.

A little video with some newer decks
I thought you might enjoy…

Here are links to decks I like using and are readily available:

Please Note – The links are mostly to Amazon pages. However, I would like to encourage you to buy decks from shops local to you or other (local) online stores like Bookdepository,, Buhl, and other places. Let’s support shopping diversity!

Tarot Decks:

Traditional – The Rider Tarot Deck [LINK]
Beautiful and different – Ostara Tarot [LINK]
A gentle approach and beautiful art – Good Tarot [LINK]
Very Different – The Wild Unknown Tarot [LINK]

Newer Tarot Decks

Quercky – Shadowland Tarot [LINK]
Fairytale – Enchanted Forest Tarot [LINK]
Dreamy – Tarot of Mystical Moments [LINK]

Oracle Decks:

Flowers of the Night Oracle [LINK]
The Spirit Animal Oracle [LINK]
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck [LINK]

Newer Oracle Decks

Dreamy – Oracle of Mystical Moments Oracle [LINK]
Lovely – Goddess Love [LINK] and Goddess Dream [LINK]

You can find Lisa McLoughlin’s Plant Ally Healing Cards, Tree Wisdom Cards, and her Textured Tarot Deck in her Etsy Shop [LINK]

You can also use Apps, find them here [LINK]
(You can actually find some rare and no longer in print decks here 🙂 )

 Ok, I think I got carried away here! 

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