Time Between Time 2018

Peppermint Cacao Recipe

I wanted to share my version of a hot cacao beverage with you. As I mentioned in the interview with Natalie K. Martin I sometimes like using peppermint tea as my base for the cacao. In the PDF below you can find all the ingredients I like to use and the simple instructions on how to make the cacao.

You can of course take this as a basic suggestion and switch tea blends, add spices to taste (I love cardamon and Cinnamon for example.) Use nut or oat milk instead of tea.

Now I am aware that this is probably not really what cacao is traditionally but I went with it and made it my own and it really has a comforting and relaxing effect on my whole system and that is what matters to me.

So now it is your turn to take what feels good and make it your own!

Take your brew with you as you sit at your altar, as you engage with the 12 Magical Nights, and see how this can be an uplifting experience in your ritual time.