Time Between Time 2018

Interview #3 – In Conversation with

Karen Riberdy-Sinclair

Our third interview in this year’s series is all about the stone realm and we have the wonderful Karen offering us so much wisdom around working with stones, even everyday pebbles. She talks about elemental energies and creating rituals with stones during times of transition.

Come on over and listen in to this inspiring interview…

And here is a little Bonus on how to clear the energy of stones…

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Karen Riberdy-Sinclair

Karen Riberdy-Sinclair is a light worker, a shadow worker, a healer, and teacher who is guided by a team of Archangels and Healing Spirits. She’s a perpetual seeker on a spiritual journey. Karen’s journey was born from crises and trauma and she’s had the willingness and resilience to confront, navigate, and release those challenges. She’s been traveling this road for nearly 35 years and has many Spiritual tools that are woven together to offer insight, guidance, and personal empowerment. Her healing emphasis combines Shamanic practices, the vibrational energy of Crystals and Reiki, with the intuitive support of Tarot.

Links to connect with Karen

The Essential Heart https://www.facebook.com/essentialtouch319

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_essential_heart/

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