Time Between Time 2018

Interview #2 – In Conversation with

Natalie K. Martin

Our second interview in this year’s series is with the lovely Natalie K. Martin.

We chat about listening to what our bodies need in terms of movement to support us in different stages of our life.

We also explore integrating a cacao ritual into our everyday life and how we can find ease and comfort through such rituals.

What is your takeaway from this conversation?
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About Natalie K. Martin

Natalie K. Martin is a menstrual cycle coach who helps people work with their PMS to find empowerment and find the magic in their periods. Nat is a lover of the dark side of life with a fascination for human interaction and relationships. Outside of menstruality, she’s also a contemporary fiction author and has just released her 4th novel.

Links to connect with Natalie

Website: www.nataliekmartin.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natalie.kmartin/

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