Time Between Time 2018

Interview #1 – In Conversation with

Melissa “Misha” Nell, MS Bio

We start this year’s interview series with Misha. I am so happy to share the lovely gem of an interview with you!

Misha shares her experience and wisdom of working with the plant realm as our allies in everyday life and during times of transition. We also touch on the potent medicine poisonous plants can offer us and how we can approach the use of such plants in a safe and ethical way. As well as engaging with nature throughout the seasons and lots more…

What is your takeaway from this conversation?
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And here is a link to the Bonus Video Misha mentioned.
A little lesson about creating your own flower essences!

About Melissa “Misha” Nell, MS Bio

Misha Nell is a certified clinical herbalist, flower essence clinician, and Priestess of the Sacred Earth living in sunny Sarasota, Florida. An environmental enchantress, Misha believes that the natural world holds the keys to unlocking the human heart, and she deeply enjoys bringing the magic of nature forward through a variety of eclectic offerings. Misha believes the magic is the medicine and loves to employ a variety of tools to help people grow healthier and happier. She is adeptly skilled at shapeshifting, and thoroughly enjoys teaching others to embrace the diversity and excitement of life. One moment she brings forth gentle healing and illumination as an Usui Reiki Master and a traditional healing…the next she’s shaking things up with a smile and a shimmy, helping people of all ages, shapes, and sizes discover the beauty of their bodies through dance and movement.

In her past career working in environmental education, Misha helped thousands of children and adults connect to nature through her diverse and creative programming, interpretive sign design, and volunteer initiatives. After over three decades of teaching and serving, she has happily retired from working in the public sector. Now she weaves in her magic with a solid scientific background and a heartfelt passion for nature, allowing for her students to experience an even deeper connection to their wild souls. She regularly sees clients for healing work and teaches classes online and at Cypress Pillar Healing Arts Center, which she co-manages with her husband.

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