Clearing Space

with Smoke & Sound

Below you will find a recipe for a blend I like to use during this time of year. If you wish to try using incense to clear space but do not wish to invest too much then by all means I encourage you to keep things simple!

Just using Frankincense will get a lovely result. You could also check your kitchen pantry for dried herbs like sage or bay leaves, these herbs have great cleansing properties as well as opening the space for insight and connection to the divine.

Perhaps using a smudge stick is easiest for you, then do that. Whatever feels right to you is perfect and if you don’t like using incense at all I would recommend you go through your rooms creating sound as I describe in the video.

And after every space clearing session,
open the windows!

And if you need any help, please reach out 🙂

Just as a side note; if you live in the EU, I can send you blends I make. I also make blends for individual needs, if you are interested I am happy to help!

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