Clearing Space

with Smoke & Sound

Download the incense blend recipe here… [LINK]

(you will need the Adobe PDF reader to open the file, download it here… [LINK])

I do encourage you to keep things simple!
If you would like to give this a try simply use Frankincense and you will get a lovely result. Perhaps using a smudge stick is easiest for you, then do that. Whatever feels right to you is perfect and if you don’t like using incense at all I would recommend you go through your rooms creating sound as I describe in the video.

And after every space clearing session, open the windows!

And if you need any help, please reach out 🙂

Just as a side note; if you live in the EU, I can send you blends I make. I also make blends for individual needs, if you are interested I am happy to help!

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