12 Magical Nights – #7

1. Prompts to take to your journal…

  • Part 1
    • Make a wish for the New Year!
    • What seeds am I ready to plant?
    • And what do I want to see grow?
  • Part 2
    • How can I connect with and take care of my inner child?
    • How can I invite more play time in my life and what would that look like?
    • How can I best cultivate compassion in my life?

2.  Pull a card or cards for July

  • How does the card make you feel?
  • Wright down any Key Words you find helpful. You can go about this intuitively by writing what comes to mind when you see the card and/or grab the guide book.

3. Share…

in our private FaceBook group [LINK]

(this is of course totally optional! But it would be such a pleasure to connect.)

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