12 Magical Nights – #2

1. Prompts to take to your journal…

  • Part 1
    • What gifts (perhaps even unexpected) did this past year have in store for you?
  • Part 2
    • How can my individual gifts be of service to the world? (Explore and brainstorm this if you like)
    • How can I build more community; sisterhood, brotherhood in my life?

2. A supporting word?

  • Would you like some extra support for your word of the year? If so just pull another word and see how this could spark further inspiration throughout the year.

3.  Pull a card or cards for February

  • How does the card make you feel?
  • Wright down any Key Words you find helpful. You can go about this intuitively by writing what comes to mind when you see the card and/or grab the guide book.

4. Share…

in our private FaceBook group [LINK]

(this is of course totally optional! But it would be such a pleasure to connect.)

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