12 Magical Nights – #1

As we set out together on this little adventure, I would like to invite you to set an intention for yourself, an intention to be present with yourself and only for yourself. Be willing to release and embrace. But be gentle with yourself along the way! Join in as much as you like, take what you need, and leave the rest. In the circle together we will be creating our own magic and I am so honoured to be here with you.

1. Prompts to take to your journal…

  • Part 1
    • What am I grateful for this past year?
    • What really brought me joy?
    • What am I proud of?
    • AND don’t forget the little things! 🙂

Perhaps you would like to try and give yourself a time limit of let’s say 3 minutes to start with and see what really made your heart sing this year?

  • Part 2
    • Where do I want to take more responsibility in my life? and what would that look like?
    • Which area of my life feels stuck, or like I am not fully in my power, or even too dependent and how can I start to shift and transform this stuck energy? (Pull a card for some extra guidance if you feel called)
    • Am I willing to release this?
      Perhaps you would like to create a little releasing ritual around this by write it all out on a separate piece of paper and burn it with the intention that this stuck energy may be transformed for a higher good. Please take care when using fire! 🙂

2. Word of the year

  • What are your thoughts?
  • How could this word be of service and help you grow? (My Word of the Year video can be found here [LINK] as well as a little PDF to print your own little cards if you don’t have a deck)

3.  Pull a card or cards for January

  • How does the card make you feel?
  • Wright down any Key Words you find helpful. You can go about this intuitively by writing what comes to mind when you see the card and/or grab the guide book.

4. Share

in our private FaceBook group [LINK]

(this is of course totally optional! But it would be such a pleasure to connect.)