Time Between Time 2018

Time Between Time Continued

Come join me and our lovely community and let’s connect as the year progresses. I would love to check-in with you all and reflect on how the year is evolving for us and how the guidance we received during the 12 Magical Nights supports us along the way.

Every quarter we will have one live Zoom session.

(please note there will not be recordings available as a lot of the sharing during these sessions is usually quite personal and I would like to create a safe and compassionate space for all of us to keep sharing openly and from the heart.)

The first 2 meet-ups are already scheduled the other two will follow
  • Wed. 31st March 2021 at 8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT
  • Wed. 30th June 2021 at 8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT

I will also be in your in-box with prompts to muse on and cards spreads to enjoy.

I am also thinking along the lines of a recorded meditation and other sparks of inspiration. As I like working with my muse I will let her be my guide and trust that the offerings will unfold to suite our needs.

  • Emails with pompts, spreads and/or ritual suggestions will be in your inbox round about the New Moons in February, Mai, August & November
Join one or more Quarterly Sessions

Would you like some extra guidance?

Then I have an extra special offer for you. I am opening up some spots to work with me and receive a card reading as well as the live quarterly group Zoom session and the other goodies mentioned above.

A reading with me will be a 60-75 minute Zoom session. And it will be an opportunity to receive guidance on

  • embracing new ventures and projects
  • or entering a new cycle in your life.
  • or guidance when you feel things are shifting and wish to know how to best move forward.

Most of all I intend these sessions to be a source of inspiration and uncover some hidden treasures within you.

Before you book a session please read the Ethics and Terms & Conditions. If this feels like something you would like to experience with me, I would be so honoured and happy to be of service to your higher good.

Please Note:

Seats are very limited and the price I am offering here is a special rate. Saving 44€ per session or more if you choose to book 2 or 4 sessions in advance in addition to having the group calls and other goodies included.

Join one or more Quarterly Sessions and get Extra Guidance