Time Between Time 2018

Time Between Time

An invitation to pause…

The year is quickly coming to a close and our to-do lists are not getting any shorter. On the contrary for some, with all the festivities coming along, the commitments are growing. Will you find the tine to breath in between time?

Here is my invitation to you to just pause for just that one moment and breath. Here is my invitation to take up some spaces for yourself, away from all the shoulds and musts, just for you and just breathe into that space in between time, instead of rushing out of the old year into the new chasing some new goals to reach. Just pause for that one precious moment.

Time Between Time is an invitation to be with yourself and your own needs. Taking time to create rituals around this time of transition. And this, to be quite honest does, not even have to be the changing of years; this can be your birthday, seasons changing or any other time of change in your life. It all comes down to the same thing, are you willing to take some time to reflect and grow?

I would like us to gather and honour this time together, even if we are far apart physically we are together in spirit and together we will build momentum. Let us sit and reflect, let as really see all that we have achieved this year, let us truly see our accomplishments, no matter how small or big they are. And let us also acknowledge the challenges we face through which we had the opportunity to grow. What have we learnt? What are we ready to let go of? What needs to be transformed so that we can cultivate our intentions in the New Year?


Time Between Time is a free offering starting on the 2nd December 2018, the first Sunday in December.



In Conversation with…

We will be kicking off with a series of interviews. I had the great honour and the opportunity to speak to a wonderful line up of inspiring souls; discussing how they honour times of transition and what tools and rituals they have in place and have cultivated over time. Rituals to support them during times of transition; to gain clarity and confidence and find a way to grow from their experiences.

From Top Right going anti clock wise: Denise Daffara, Renette Nel, April McMurtry, Monica Garcia, Vanessa Sage, Yarrow Magdalena, Lorraine Scott.



Time Between Time - 12 magical nights12 Nights of Magic

During the last 6 nights of the old year and the first 6 nights of the new year I will be accompanying you in reflecting, releasing and inviting in the new. Each day you will receive an email with a little video containing an invitation to be present with your self during that day or night, whichever time of day suits you best. I will also share an old traditional ritual I have adopted for myself during this time of the year, Time Between Time.





Time Between Time - Intuitive Vision Board WorkshopBONUS #1 – The Intuitve Vision Board Workshop

And there will also be a workshop with special guest, Angel Heather, she will be guiding us to create our own little or big vision page/board. This will be a fun session and has the potential to bring in clarity and insight into our deeper and perhaps still unknown desires. What does your soul really want to experience in the new year?

All of this goodness is totally free and will be available to you until the end of January 2019, so there is plenty of time for you to dip in and out to fit your own needs. I also want to invite you to just take what you need and leave the rest. No rush, no have tos and no place you need to be. Everything in your own time!

BONUS #2 –
Access to a private Facebook Group!

Let us be in community and share our own unique pathes. Looking forward to connecting with you there!

BONUS #3 – WIN an incense burner!

All who sign up for this event are put into the challice and can be picked to win one of my hand made with love and one of a kind incense burners!

This is to celebrate the creation of this event and a BIG thank you to YOU!



Will you come and join us? I sure hope so, together we can bring magic into this time of transition and Time Between Time.

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